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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Afterword - the Lost Subject Lines

I realize that I probably don't need to tell you that yes, I'm suffering from some post-Tour letdown. Meanwhile, I remembered that at one point I'd intended to open every update with a cutesy subject line, but forgot after the Prologue. Here, then, are the Lost Subject Lines; consider them a chance to relive the Tour, and please, try to stifle your groans.

Prologue: Thor Throws Down the Hammer

Stage 1: Scrappy Hincapie Happy in Yellow

Stage 2: Chaos Theory: McEwen Emerges from Tangle to Steal a Win

Stage 3: Valverde Crashes, Abandons; Screams Heard in Murcia, Spain and Oakland, California

Stage 4: McEwen Wins Again, and We Win an Insider's View of Collarbone Fractures -- and a Whole Lot More -- from Shelley

Stage 5: Frère Freire, Soon to Be un Père, Takes it by a Hair

Stage 6: Don't Knock It: the Pocket Rocket Rocks His Sprocket to Pocket Win #3

Stage 7: You Spell It F-A-S-T: Honchar Gontchar Gonchar Blazes to Time Trial Win and into Yellow

Stage 8: Lightning Strikes Twice: a Breakaway Stays Away and the French Win a Stage

Stage 9: Rubbing Shoulders with the Sprinters, Freire Grabs Another Victory

Stage 10: Super-Mercado Wins in Pau as Dessel Rides Really Gutsy but Really Stupid and thus will Have the Yellow Jersey for Just One Day

Stage 11: Don't Mench-on it, Levi: Denis Menaces Leipheimer, Landis Lands in Yellow

Stage 12: Popo Discovers how to Win without Lance

Stage 13: What a Long, Strange Trip: Needing a Miracle, Pereiro Gets it -- and a Dose of Yellow too

Stage 14: Phonak Phones it in, Keeping Pereiro in Yellow

Stage 15: Alpe de-Lux: Schleck Has the Gaul to Win on Cycling's Biggest Stage

Stage 16: The Chicken Flies as Landis Lays an Egg: for Floyd c'est Toute de Suite a Toussuire

Stage 17: Just Like that, it's Again Hip to Be Floyd

Stage 18: Tosatto Takes a Stage that Has no Bearing on the Overall Picture, and that I thus Can't Think of Anything Clever for

Stage 19: All's Right with the World as Landis Lands Back in Yellow

Stage 20: Bookends: Thor Wins in Paris, Landis is the Champ on the Champs



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