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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Updated Rider List, Reminders and a Lament (from 6/28/06)


Just three days until the first rider rolls down the ramp in Strasbourg, and there is a sad spectre haunting Europe -- or Spain, to be exact, though he's been seen drifting over Germany, the U.S. and even Kazakhstan. It's the spectre of performance-enhancing drugs, and it's threatening to darken the dawn of our beloved Tour. Every Tour brings its allegations and suspicions, of course, but this year they are gloomier and more widespread than any Tour since 1998, when l'affaire Festina dragged down Richard Virenque (though just for a few years), the powerful Festina team and much of cycling. Like baseball in 1998, when McGwire and Sosa resurrected fan interest and love of the game, cycling was rescued by Armstrong's ascendance in 1999; and like baseball in 2006, when allegations about drug use cloud what could otherwise be a season for the ages, whispers and out-and-out shouts of EPO use threaten to make this Tour an asterisked one.

In the interest of keeping our game fully democratic and accessible, I'll disclose what the heck I'm talking about here: a number of Spanish riders may be prohibited from riding in the Tour, though I've read no names of real note. Meanwhile, Alexandre Vinokourov's team may be banned; if they are, Vino himself may miss out, or he may be able to jump on with a new team. And even Jan Ullrich himself has been associated with the Spanish figures who are allegedly behind the scandal, though latest reports suggest that the Rock Star from Rostock will be allowed to race. These riders remain on our list, and I'm not going to drop their price, even if their beta is a bit higher these days; it's up to you whether to take the risk or not, and besides, I've forgotten the Black-Scholes formula.

On that note, you'll find pasted below and attached an updated rider list, with McEwen straightened out, as well as a list of people who have told me they're playing, and whether you've submitted your team and your payment. There's a good chance that I'm not up-to-date on everyone who's paid, so let me know if you did -- on your honor!

Meanwhile, remember:
To participate, you must submit your five riders by Friday at midnight (note that this is 24 hours later than originally suggested; I'm doing this in part because some of the doping decisions are coming down on Friday). Your five can't cost more than DM1,000,000, and there can only be five and five only. You may make changes to your team up until this new deadline.
To qualify for the CTS jersey drawing, you must pay up by Friday at midnight. Send $10 to 2600 Camino Lenada/Oakland, CA 94611 or $11 Paypal to mackfee@hotmail.com
Please let me know if you've gone to http://www.trainright.com/promos.asp?code=DQKSBGBJN to download your Do the Tour workouts -- I'd love to hear what you think!

I'm traveling this weekend -- and of course have staked out TVs with OLN along our route -- and thus may not get the first update out until Sunday or Monday. I'll likely do the jersey drawing that day --something early for everyone to look forward to!

Unless our Tour's start is spoiled by scandal. Let's hope not.


P.S. Karen has selected Team Hottie. Let's just say that in cycling, it's all relative.


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