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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ode to Scott

My outlook on humanity can be a bit bleak at times; as my wife will tell you, my unofficial (and all-too-oft-repeated) motto these days is "Don't depend on people; they'll let you down" -- or, more succinctly, "People are lame."

Occasionally, though, someone comes along and not only doesn't let me down, but surprises me -- delights me, even, reminding me just how good people can be, and that selfishness and incompetence aren't everyone's defining characteristics.

Which brings me to Scott Snider, Lango's San Francisco Area Director. This guy is the classiest act I've come across in years. Not an ounce of guile; a truly selfless thinker and actor. He's everything you would want in an employee: hard-working, very thoughtful, eager to learn and clear in his communication, and has integrity to spare.

Scott's been dealt some tough blows; my esteem for him would still be great were that not the case, but with that in mind I can't help but appreciate his uncomplaining outlook even more.

My goal now is to keep Scott working for us by making sure he feels appreciated and rewarded. Sadly, people like Scott often get abused by employers, who grant raises or perks when they're requested, not when they're earned. I don't want him ever to feel we take him for granted.

No one reads this blog, but if you do, keep an eye out for Scott Snider; he's as good a person as you'll meet.



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