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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Self-Justification - a Coda

I recently wrote even more boastfully than usual, relating having "won" on a group ride near Palo Alto, but yesterday I was taken down a peg.

With a meeting planned on the Peninsula for later in the day, I drove down very early to catch the Palo Alto Morning Ride, departing from downtown at 6:25. The ride traces many of the same roads as Saturday's Spectrum Ride, so though I was feeling pretty stale from the hard efforts over the weekend, I figured I'd again try my early escape.

Many of the same roads, but definitely not the same riders: while Saturday's group was depleted by local races going on simultaneously, this field was stocked, including a number of category ones, and a couple of pros. But my hero gear kicked in as we started up the steady climb before Portola Valley, and I again swung wide, stood on the pedals and went to the front. I pedaled furiously, and soon my legs were searing and my breath was heaving, and after about a minute I glanced back and saw...the entire group, pedaling seemingly effortlessly. In fact, a couple of guys bolted by me with a real attack, and much of the field followed. Already spent, I had to muster nearly as much effort just to stay in contact and not find myself pedaling home alone.

Humility: I know it's a good thing.


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