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Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 40th, Karen!

Actually, Karen's 40th birthday was two days ago -- but tonight we're hosting a small party, so I'm taking this opportunity to blog-wish her a happy day.

I try to avoid schlock in these posts, so I'll make the briefest of mentions here that Karen is an incredible person, someone who packs love for her family, compassion for people in our community and beyond, a genuine determination to better herself -- and a lot of fun -- into every day. She works tirelessly on behalf of our kids, their schools, our neighborhood and people far, far away. Sometimes I wish she'd say "no" more -- but then I realize that what drives her isn't an unwillingness or inability to do so, but a genuine desire to work for others. And that's about as good as people get.

Happy 40th birthday, Karen!


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